Mikskaar Peat Substrates

Peat moss is the most forgiving medium with the highest buffering of nutrients and the best water holding ability.

  • Substrates for all growing stages
  • Selected quality from our own Estonian resources
  • RAL Quality label

Peat Moss itself is an excellent raw material for growing plants. As a substrate peat moss is perfect for soil improvement, landscape projects and is perfect growing medium for any kind of plants.

Our substrates are for seedling or potting, we have wide range of substrates from seedlings to wide range of indoor plants, trees, ornamentals. The mixes are suitable for short term or long term cultivation. Our substrates are made of milled peat moss of Estonian origin. Our substrates are with excellent water resistance, buffering ability, water and air porosity and are pest and weed-free.  Our substrates have different structures – fine, medium and coarse – it means we have perfect material for every stage in plants life from day one. In the range of our substrates you can find growing medium that includes only white peat that is for better aeration, higher share of organic matter, better buffering ability and water retention or substrates that have white and black peat mixed or include special ingerdients so that our substrates will be well applicable in situations where plants need to cope with high temperatures, lot of sunshine and other stress.

Mikskaar makes your plants grow better!


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