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Mix for cacti and succulents. The mix includes neutralised peat, wetting agent, fertiliser with trace elements and mineral components that improve the drainage ability of the mix thus guaranteeing vigorous root development.

Geranium Mix for pelargonium, geranium, container plants in general and other plants with high nutrient need for long term growing. The mix includes neutral coarse peat, clay, wetting agent and starter fertiliser with trace elements. Makes your plants grow better!

Rhododendron Mix for rhododendron, erica, calluna, camelia, blue hydrangea, coniferous plants and other acidophilic plants. This is a ready to use peat mix that includes screened, peat with low pH, fertiliser with trace elements and wetting agent. Makes your plants grow better!

This is a multipurpose potting and germination mix for home use. The mix suits the needs of most loved homeplants in small pots and trays, it can be used for repotting in bigger pots and containers as well. The substrate is also suitable for soil improvement in the garden and as a growbag for vegetables […]

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