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Choosing new product – challenges and gains for distributors

In today’s global competitive environment the importers and distributors constantly face with various challenges. Distributor’s main task is to provide customers with the widest range of products that is refreshed once in a while. It is clear that having a product in the portfolio eventually has to earn profit and there has to be a considerable demand for this product. It is important that the goods reach the customer as efficiently as possible. At the same time distributors try to achieve best results with lowest cost. Saving on warehouse and inventory control are just a few of the activities that need to be done. It is crutial to pay attention to customer cervice – to offer clients best special solutions, meantime optimizing the costs. Support that is offered from manufacturer to the distributor and its clients is very important. Quite often, the success or failure of the distributor depends on the quality of cooperation with the manufacturer. If the manufacturer provides high quality homogenous products, is flexible when specially designed products are ordered, supplies sufficient materials for presentations, the distributor gains profit and it all contributes to the success of the distributor. Particularly great effect has the willingness and ability of the manufacturer to meet its clients, nevertheless being geographically distant from one another. It is very important to offer flexible and fast logistical solution. Many distributors need assistance with compiling various certificates and shipping documents that are required by different authorities of the destination country. Launching a new product is one of the greatest challenges that the distributors face with. Hence some of the concerns: – Hesitation – is the new product welcome? – Time consuming extra work (certificates, promotional sales material) – Introducing new product demands extra time – Solving problems of quality if these occur – Adjusting the product to specific market and pains related to it – Does the end-users know how to use the product correctly? Manufacturer with great international experience has to be professional and in collaboration with the distributor has to find solutions to the complex situations. Painkillers Adding a new first-class product to the product portfolio is also associated with lots of motivating factors. – Additional turnover and profit from the sale of a new product – Satisfaction from a perfect product range – The client will no longer have to turn to a competitor to purchase the product In case the grower used one distributor for buying the seeds and plant protection products, it was possible to blame the distributor for the unsatisfactory yield (the real reason lay in rather poor growing medium). Now the distributor offers the grower a more complete range of products, including the growing medium and there is no doubt about the quality of it, as the distributor trusts the professional manufacturer and is constantly in contact with them. This helps the distributor to grow trust in the clients. It is quite usual that nurseries need 140 CBM (one 40HC sea container or one truckload) or greater supply of substrate at a time. In this case, the distributor does not have to stock the goods.The consignment moves directly from manufacturer to the client´s warehouse, all administrative procedures are taken care by the manufacturer. Distributors who are specialised only in reselling seeds and pesticides, realize how important it is nowadays to offer the customer a wide range of products – the whole solution – thus ensuring the loyalty of customers. All necessary goods can be purchased at once as from one stop shop, there is no need to drive around and visit some other competitive distributors. Both parties are satisfied, as time has been saved and all orders served at once. Clients who were initially interested in growing medium only, can make themselves familiar with the wide variety of products – distributor that provides clients with a solution not just with some products, can grow turnover in various ways